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One CD32 and one PSX woul be good, you could still use it on a PC with a cheap PSX-USB connector. I would LOVE to be able to use my Battlestation on my CD32, which hopefully soon will have an 030/50 + 16MB RAM + 850MB HD inside it (if the guy I sent $260 to really has it, and sends it to me... I'm too trusting sometimes when I'm desperate). I just hope the accellerator makes Super Street Fighter II Turbo run smoother.

On another note, I just bought a great joystick on eBay. It's a two-button arcade style stick, real popular one that I used to see advertised in every Amiga mag back in the day but could never buy one back then. It has two cords/plugs, and a switch, so you can switch between joystick ports. I guess it's good for games where you take it in turn, but only have one stick, or for games which stupidly depend on the player 1 joystick being in the mouse port (there were a couple).

It's the same as this model, but with a few extra switches and stuff -
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