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Unhappy Game Over for Rising Sun GBA

Ok i know this is GBA news .. But what with the RS guys being Amiga lovin peeps and a lotta ppl here are GBA lovers/users too i think it'll be of interest ...

                                                   _ __ /
        ________ ___     _          ________________ o
       |       /___)__ __\_:____   |        /      //
    __/   /   /.     /    \|___)__/    /   /   /   /
    (/____\____|__ __\     \     /____/__._\____  /__
</- ---------------(/______/_____\-------|______ /_\)--- -\>
                                ____\_.____ ___ /_______
     :_ ____________________ _  /    \|   //   //      //
    -+\                       __\     \   /   /    /   /_  .Mo!/aL.
     |   Rising Sun Presents  (/______/_______\ __/____\)
     |  - ----------------- -          _ __ /______________________ _:
     | Time to say GOODBYE                 /                        /+-
 _ __|_  (C) TEAM RS                      /                         _|__ _
     +/_ ______________________________ _ ________________________ _\+-
     :                                  /                            :
Well its been a great 2 years, but this is the end. First of all I would like
to take this time to thank everyone in RisingSun. Our wonderful founder, and
one of my best friends; our skilled suppliers who always came through; our
awesome coders who gave us some great cracks and trainers; and all of our
artists, who gave us cool logos, nice tunes, and great ascii. Its been one
hell of a ride but its time for us to take a break.

Why you might ask? Well lots of reasons I guess... GBA as a platform is really
coming to an end... I have no idea what Nintendo is doing, as theres very few
N-DS games coming out either.. I guess thats the biggest, but we've also just
been very unmotivated lately: Personal problems, other efforts, the general
lameness of the scene.

Now for the negative part of this goodbye.. I would like to comment on the
scene in general. Only 5 years ago I would have said the scene was doing okay.
Sure the BBS era had ended, but there was still atleast dignity in the console
scene. Remember when we actually used like amiga ascii? I guess most people
dont, I see all of these console groups using PC ascii and noone cares.
Remember when we used 8.3 file names and _ in dir names? I guess most people
dont, because.i.see.alot.of.crap. :P Remeber when guys wouldnt publicly claim
they haxxor'd BBS' in 1999 (when the BBS scene was dead) to prove their "scene
cred". Sheesh, when i see some "oldskool" guys acting like warez/p2p whores...
I dunno. But I dont really let it get me down. The scene spirit still lives on
inside us, amiga will never die.

Back to the positives... As I previously said, we've had a lot of fun. I would
like to give a special greet to all those who gave us competition. Mode7 - the
legend will never die. Eurasia - Where are you Z, we all miss ya! Venom - Ahh
I seriously cant hate you guys :) Also I must give love to our friends in
Japan from Caravan, thanks for all your love, we will continue to be close.
Special love to all of our siteops and traders, dont worry we will still
support everyone.

I also must thank everyone who came out to our RisingSun party last year, that
was alot of fun. We will do the same this year and as long as we can. Without
parties how could we swap 880kb porns anyway. :P Friendship is what matters,
legacy, loyality and respect in 2005.

See you all on the next console, we are going to enjoy our nap now :)
-- bluePSX of the RisingSun council
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