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Originally Posted by mr_a500
1. Montezuma's Revenge (specifically Atari 800 selectable level version without animated title screen) - I just played this game again with the ACE emulator and it is as fun and as playable as the best of the Amiga platform games. It would have been awesome if they made an Amiga version with more screens and levels to explore while still keeping the "feel" (and non-scrolling). I would have bought a copy for sure back in 1990.
Definitely one of the best games for 8-bit home computers, especially considering the year it has been released (1983). And yes, it is still very enjoyable I think that Atari800 version is the best, but there are some more advanced versions, for example Sega Master System one (1989, fairly improved graphics, it looks a bit strange, but the gameplay is practically the same).
In 1998, Robert Jaeger, creator of original Atari800 Montezuma's prototype (this one with title screen and title music - he sold rights to this game to Parker Bros. and they released the final, stripped-down 16kB version and a bunch of conversions for other platforms) released a "sequel" to MR called Montezuma's Return! (PC only). This game is very good and a bit underrated in my own opinion, it resembles the atmosphere of Montezuma's Revenge. Truly ahead it's time (FPP platform game with beat 'em up elements), but on the other hand - with true-oldschool feeling There is also Montezuma's Return! cartdridge for Gameboy Color, which is very simillar to original Montezuma's Revenge.
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