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My favourites have got to be the Competition Pro CD32 control pad, and the BattleStation II. I've got four Competition Pro pads (two for each CD32), all of which I bought brand new, three are in perfect condition because I bought them last year, one still works perfectly but I've had for about 10 years.

I also bought a BattleStation II a few years ago, and made a small arcade cabinet (small... from the joysticks up) that sits on a table or bench, which could fit a console or an A1200 in it. It's just a shame it only supports two Amiga buttons.

Adeptus, if you ever manage to make this thing CD32 compatible, you've gotta tell me how so I can do it too. I've always wanted to get it working on the CD32. All those awesome beat em ups, two players, yeah !
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