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Sticks I used:

C64: Wico Command Control Redball back in the day (was I the only one that had one that looked like the shaft started turning rusty?), I currently own a TAC-2

Amiga: Epyx 500XJ (fucking awesome stick)

NES: Original controller, NES Advantage

SNES: Original US SNES controller, ASCIIpad (with turbofire and useless 'slomo')

MD: Original 3 and 6 button pads

PC: Either a Sony DualShock2 via PSX adapter, or Pelican Real Arcade via XBox adapter, depending on the game/emulator (most native PC gamepads have the most horribly shitty dpads of all, and the analog sticks aren't too good either). I also plan on buying a MadCatz PS2 Retrocon controller, which is shaped pretty much like an old-school NES controller, but still including all the PSX buttons.

Edit: Also, since I saw it mentioned way earlier in the thread, but not answered, I will state that a 3-button MD pad should definitely work as-is on an Amiga, B acts as button 1 and C as button 2 (I used to use one to play MK1). 6 button pads should work too (you may have to hold MODE while powering up to switch the pad to 3-button compatibility mode, but other than that, it should work the same).

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