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Stick out tongue Wot? 'Soccer Expert' out of stock?

Once in a while I receive E-mail from people who wrote the original reviews and games appearing on my Amiga Reviews site. Most of them are compliments, but the mail I received from the programmer of The Soccer Expert surprised me:

Hi, There is a review on your site regarding "The Soccer Expert"
I actually received a cheque from some guy who saw it, asking for the product. It has not been available now for a few years. Could you indicate that the product is no longer available please, and remove my name and address. I am happy for the review to stay without that however. Also, a new version on PC is available soon. You may want to put that on there, if anyone is interested in persuing. (not yet available, but will be in a week or so) I was astonished to get an order after all this time, and asked the guy to tell me where he got the information from. I like your site, it is interesting. I also think he was upset that it was no longer available but still displayed... He didnt realise that the review was from 1994 even though it is a 2005 site. If you can take the name and address away and indicate it is no longer available on Amiga, it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Seems the CU Amiga review is still convincing people rushing out and getting the game.
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