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Yeah Shatterhand, I read an article some years ago that basically said Nintendo had most of the software producers in Japan by the short and curleys.
Because of their virtual monopoly of the home console business via the NES
their licensing terms were very strict, denying software producers the right to port their games over to other companies hardware, losing them potential revenue.
This caused a great deal of animosity towards Nintendo as they made bi££ions
in profits (they also manufactured the carts as well), killing the proverbial goose.
What good is a machine without good games???
Also another reason why the software companies embraced the PSX as they did, Sonys licensing terms were more lax and gave companies a greater share of the profits etc.
Which is why I don't think many softcos give a toss about Nintendos recent
difficulties. I'm not sure why Hudson (co-developers of the PCE with NEC) or the other PCE games producers were reluctant to release most of their catalogue in US other than the above statement, although there were some other underhanded tricks, such as SEGA paying the producers of GOLDEN AXE for PCE to write a shit conversion, making the MD version/console appear far superior (it was really shit, for no apparent reason, the PCE could have handled it quite easily).
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