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Originally posted by EmuChicken
PCE... I'd say would have been better if it was more commercial as in more games, people owning them, and was better than the snes + md in speeds and graphics for a while, but did the effects keep up with the snes with all these cartridge chips?
PCEngine never had any extra chips to enhance the capabilities of the host machines, such as MD (Virtua Racing) and SNES (Starfox). Apart from extra Mbits of memory in the Super/Arcade CDRom Interface Card and some later games (Street Fighter 2 CE was 20Mbit) any extra graphical FX were done with the bare hardware.
Sprite Expansion/Rotation, Morphing, Multilayered Parallax Scrolling (only 1 plane on PCE), Polygons, Pixel Scrolling, Screen Expansion, all evident on a machine that if you examine the tech specs was a enhanced C64.
When R-TYPE appeared the PCE outsold the NES in Japan, NECs big mistake was not releasing it in US or Europe at THIS time and when they did eventually release it the 16bit era was in full swing, with crappy looking hardware and the software catalogue consisting of bad Jap port they cut their own throats.
Interestingly the MD wasn't as great a success in Japan as you might think as all the gamers/developers moved to SNES when that was released. It was rushed out in US/EU to beat off NES/SNES and it worked.
Gamers who bought into the PCEngine while everyone else was fighting over which was the best console MD or SNES sat in the background with a BIG cheshire cat grin.
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