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Question 2MB Chip expansion card

I was just browsing some polish amiga boards, and came upon some thread where a guy has problems with [Capital Punishmant]. Then says something about checking it on his buddies Amy - which has a 2MB Chip expansion card, with a total of 4MB Chip .
I personally never even dreamed of such a expansion, although WinUAE has similar opition...

Anybody knows anything about that/those card(s)
Some info on (Military )) specs, producer, would be nice
Is it official or kinda hack

Are there any more - different configs - of those Chip expansion cards
Different Amy's perhaps

Finally, if WinUAE enables to select 8MB Chip - is there such a card in reality
...and as in WinUAE, does it "block" the use of any more Fast ram

Geez, i love the Amiga - after all this years, you find something like this
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