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Late sugestions

Hi frostwork!

First and foremost, great job you're doing!

I'm an Amiga fan since the very beggining, having had from the original A500 all the way up to my beloved and trusted A4000T (with a Warp Engine and a Retina BLT Z3 in it, too .

Work and necessity (I'm a software developer in the industrial automation area) brought me to the wonderfull Apple Macintosh and Linux worlds, but I still have my A4000; I am trying to find a way to re-install my Amiga's hard drive (maybe in UAE) so it can function 100% again, next to all my computing gear.

But this has nothing to do with this thread; the fact is I got my CD32 back from my parent's old, dusty basement. Precious little machine!

For some (late) sugestions: maybe I'm saying something stupid here, but one of my all-time favorite games on my CD32 was Flink (the thing got lost during a move when I got married). Can it be included? Or is it too big/has CD audio tracks/whatever? Also, my favorite demo of all time was Nexus7 (GREAT music!), can it be in 888 or is it already there? I see Interference is included, cool!

Thank you all that never lost the Amiga spirit!
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