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Hi, i did something similar to AGS but better for me to use with WinUAE.

What i want it's something like Mame32, a list of games to launch, and when i select one and i press enter, Winuae automatically launchs and then the game runs(like in mame). And i did it but it's a bit complex.

First i set 2 configurations in WinUAE, one it's the normal WB setup and the other is one called "Games". "Games" config it's a minimal setup, with some dirs and some config files, those needed to launch a WHDload game. When i launch "Games" config, the startup sequence runs the file "". Of course this file runs a game.

Now my tool, i did a little program, it's a hack and it's done in the D language(, it's like C++ but better). This tool scans a directory in you harddrive and searchs for those WHDload instalations, and create in another directory, scripts like "whdloadgamename".run, so for each game installed you have a script.

For example if i have in the drive Games: a dir named Agony, then it searchs for, and if it's configured to launch WHDLOAD it extracts all Tooltypes and create a script named

cd Games:Agony
WHDLoad SLAVE=Agony.Slave preload

In this way, i only need to install a Game using WHDload, then configure it's tooltypes from WB setup, and then, run my tool, to regenerate scripts.

Now the fun. I use AdvanceMenu as frontend(, it's configured in this way: i set as Rom directory that dir which game scripts are placed in. Then AdvanceMame shows all games, when i select a game and i run it. AdvanceMame launchs a .BAT, this .BAT copies (For example), to the minimal setup("Games" setup) and launchs WinUAE:

copy d:\Amiga\Games\S\
WinUAE -f Game.uae.

So you have something like Mame32, no need to go to WB to launch WHDLoad games. And the good thing is that you can use it in an Acade Cabinet.

The tool, how it works is a pure hack, but it does the job.
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