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Originally Posted by bippym
I don't just run an FTP ya know, I do a lot with torrents etc and have to share!

also you told me you wanted about 2000 files (that were deleted), later you tell me you have 18,000 queued

Last time I checked (a few mins ago) you was getting 20kb/s!!!!!

If my FTP aint quick enough for you then disconnect please and don't be so ungrateful!
Don't be so hostile Bippy. I appreciate you trying to help but at 2KB/s it isn't any use :P

It's ok now though as it's sped back up to 20KB/s though (I do only need 2700 files, but it still has to check the rest).

Methanoid: I only need the Amiga Games section, not the entire of TOSEC
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