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I didn't get, most of those games you listed weren't even released on Mega-Drive? What am I supposed to compare?

Sunset Riders was a DIFFERENT game on the Mega-Drive. The mega-drive could handle that SNES game pretty well.

For Jim Power.. can't remember many differences between the versions.
TMNT IV on SNES indeed is a little better, but not all that much

Fifa plays like shit on SNES. It's the first time I hear someone saying that Fifa was better on Snes. ISSD was better on SNES, but not Fifa.
Mortal Kombat PLAYED better. It looked worse for sure, but it played a whole lot better. And with the 6 button pad, you play it just like the arcade game (While with 3 button, you can still play it pretty well.. Hell, you can play the Amiga version with 1 button pretty well...)

I don't want to start a war between SNES and Mega-Drive owners.. I think this doesn't make much of sense.... I am just arguing what you call "facts"

Show me something like Gunstar Heroes on SNES.....
At the same time.. show me something like Pilotwings on Mega-Drive ...
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