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Thumbs down Super Turrican 2 rant

I think I've written this in another Turrican-thread before. Anyway, here I go again: What makes the Turrican series addictive for me is the exploration - hunting for secret passages, hidden powerblocks and of course finding the exit.

Enter Super Turrican 2: I should have never ever played this drivel in Champi (a Snes emulator) - but I just could not resist. ST2 picked up the 'less positive' features of earlier games and created special levels for it: Levels focussed on using grapling hooks, levels with only rotating heavy-pixelled end-bosses, levels with worthless 3-D into-the screen-with-bad-collision-detection-lose-all-your-lives-and-your-continues-are-gone-too action and so on. The exploration which makes the Turrican-titles so good is really, really missing here.

This game really has destroyed my fondness of the series.
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