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you have 2 options :

1ST- a softkicker (i personnaly use tude - look at aminet-), given that you've a kick1.3 rom image file(you can generate it from your a500 if you've one - have a look at aminet site for needed utils- but you should be able to find the rom image directly on the web though it's not really legal as roms are copyrighted) : This software will relocate the rom image in RAM so that you'll be able to boot as a real a500 (Tude is really cool as it is also a degrader giving you the ability to play with caches and memory to ensure more compatibility)

2ND - provided you have a HD, whdload is a great tools to install and patch old games (R-type 2 install exists) and make you able to run them directly from your a1200 hd.

enjoy !
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