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Ha! My GF is from the Nintendo generation..

If I start playing Bubble Bobble or Rainbow Islands, she demands a joystick..

If it's any Mario game on the 8-bit NES, she'll beat me on those hands down (I never owned a games console before I was an adult).. "Our" NES is actually her old unit. :-)

Of course SuperFrog and Gian(n)a Sisters have her addicted too..

And the C-64.. Lots of nice games she used to like back when she was a kid.

Hmm, I do feel the generation gap to the older people here, gaming comes more naturally to us youngsters. (I'm -80, she's -79)

I got her Ratchet and Clank for the PS2 for xmas, and she loved that too..

I guess I'll have to get her hooked on some old Lucas adventures, I'm sure she'll enjoy the stories..
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