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Ya know, I've seen a Mega-Drive fall from a height of about 3 meters while turned on, hit the ground hard, and it DID NOT freeze.

Here in Brazil I can say for sure that the Mega-Drive sold more than the SNES. I thought that was also true on USA.

"CastlaVania 4 & X (SNES) looked better than CastleVania Blood lines (Genesis) "
Yeah, but Bloodlines plays a WHOLE LOT BETTER than 4 or X. The action is a lot faster, more tense and manic.

"Super Turrican 1 & 2 Vs Mega Turrican "
Again, Mega Turrican plays much better than both Super Turrican games.

"Super Contra III Vs Contra Hard Corps "
Once more... this is even more absurd, Contra Hard Corps it's incredibly better than Super Contra III (I love Super Contra III, but it can't even close of Hard Corps).

"Super Ghouls & Ghosts completely kills Genesis Ghouls & Ghosts."
Well, ok, here I agree

And btw, I DOUBT, a LOT that the SNES could do something like Gunstar Heroes, Contra Hard Corps or Vectorman. Those games are just too FAST for the poor SNES to handle. Geez, I doubt the SNES could do even a Sonic a-like game!
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