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Smile First you have to get her to think its HER Idea

For myself with more than 35+ years of being married I have found that getting your missus to give any of her " Highly valueable time " for geting involved in ANY computor games requires long term planing and a small amount of compromise.

You are quite right that after you have children and allow them to play simple games , paint [without mess ] , add live silly noises via the keyboard to mod tunes etc . That your spouse will begin to look on your miggy as something more than an "out of date toy"

Hence she now needs to know "How to use this?" for when your not there as another way of spending fun time with the kids without having to sit and watch yet another Teletubby or tweenies etc vid again , as your beloved miggy is more "FUN"

This leads to the following scenario in order not to look foolish she will have to practice with YOU in order to become competent and as the kids get older and the games and activities become more complex , it means more shared time of an evening playing games etc.

This has a down side once she learns your miggy is more stable than the PC for simple letter writting etc you can suddenly find she is spending more time on the machine than YOU and of course it will be your printer that runs out of ink first as she "just has to print" every scribble your kids make on your art proggies .

Then of course your kids start going to school and as their friends encourage them to become consul hounds and the TV brainwashes them they need the latest this or that to be cool their time of use becomes less [and the split drinks,crumbs and finger marks on your machine become a thing of the past]

By then your Missus herself will have eiether become so addicted to certain games that she will still challenge you !to beat her high score OR be so worn out trying to keep up with the demands of your growing family that she will leave you in peace [Having tried to involve her you must live with the guilt of having fun while she relaxes with her soap tv and endless "Chick Movies"]

But that is NOT the end, NO SIR time pases your kids begin to leave home and then one day you become a grandfather and the whole cycle begins again , with GRANDMA trying to get in on the act by showing just how much smarter she is than YOU and showing them the shortcuts and cheats you forgot

So ask yourself "Do I really want to risk the damage and the tantrums " over your family having only ONE miggy to use ? be prepared & keep a spare while you can't forsee every problem be sure your ready NOT to lose ALL YOUR TIME

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