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Up-to-date FTP needed

Trying to use the program TIM just knocked a good 3000 files off my website, most of them being the ones that are actually active. Due to this, I need to know if there is an active up-to-date TOSEC Amiga Games (ADF) FTP up as I desperately need to sync with one to restore what I can of the missing files. Cody said that his is out of date and has corrupted files. I say it needs to be using the latest dats because if it isn't, when I try and Sync, I'll end up with second copies of lots of things, and when working with 20,000 files, that won't be good.

Does anyone have any ideas?
Atomic Cabbage is down in the meantime.

For the record (not that it would be any use) the Miss list using the latest available DAT is attached (to the next post)
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