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Dpaint IV AGA problem (DiskSalv 2 saved my arse)

Oh gosh, I had a shit of a night yesterday...

I was pixelling all day with DPIV AGA, making stuff for our new version of the website... Work was going steady and I progressed quite a bunch, a prolific day.

It was late at night and I decided to hit the "Save" command once again. DPIV came up with some strange fucking error, like "Can't Save. Not an IFF File"... I thought "WTF?!?". Proceeded to save again and it wouldn't come up with the "overwrite" requester, the screen barely flashed and I feeled like it was not saving anything. Tried to save as another file, same crap, first "not an IFF file", then nothing.

I remember DPIV AGA doing this one or two times before, dunno why. In a desperate move to salvage all what I haven't saved, (not much but pretty much) I moved into Workbench to try and load PPaint to make a clipboard copy, moment at which the Amiga locked up (!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

I rebooted it, mad because I lost what I couldn't get to save. Tried to open the file I was working with and it was FUCKING GONE!!!!!!! ALL the work was BINNED. I was absolutely rampage. WTF had happened??? I cursed myself for not making the switch to SFS yet (surely FFS had something to do with this shit). Silently, I insulted my A1200 like never before and even my girlfriend for being there and previously arguing with me over some stupid shit.

So I took my HD, inserted it in the PC, and off I went to Aminet to download my much hated DiskSalv, which version 11.32 (DiskSalv 2) happens to be a mighty FINE beast that scanned my whole HD and restored my lost file for me. I was more than thankful. In the process I found all the undeletable shit that is lying in my HD and that I should wipe it to clean it up.

To cut a long story short, DiskSalv "salvaged" my arse, and DPIV AGA is a bitch. Anybody ever got this error, and knows why it happens and how to work around it? I really would like to avoid it in the future, since it can happen any time, it seems.
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