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Originally Posted by Akira
This toy was useless at first sight, but after seeing that jeri ellsworth has put all teh effort into making this as hackabel as helñl, itss a worthwile investment if you waish to expand on it. It really is cool, you can add a 1541 drive and use it liek a normal C64, mostly.

This thing is quite spot on and it should run most, if not all, things.
Actually, it's not *that* close. The cycles-per-line is a bit different, as I understand it, meaning that timing-critical demos will not work without modification (luckily, there aren't that many of those in NTSC land, and I don't know how close the PAL one will be to 63 cycles/line).

Also, keep in mind that the builtin stick is port 2, and that all but one of the lines for port 1 are present (although I believe this is circumventable by tapping into the keyboard). The games on the unit were modified to use port 2, and to change keyboard input to joystick input (in the games where you enter your name, or in Jumpman when you pick your run speed, for example).

Nonetheless, I have one of these units, and I enjoy it. If anyone has one, there is an NTSC demo included as an easter egg: wiggle the joystick left-right on bootup to dump to a BASIC prompt (the system will "load" a "directory", you'll need to joystick up to "BASIC PROMPT" and hit the left button). When you get to the real BASIC prompt, you can access a joystick-controlled keyboard by holding the left button, choosing the key, and releasing the left button. To load the demo, enter this small program and run it: 0 POKE1,55:LOAD"ENTROPY" - this is necessary because the joykeyboard runs from RAM, which conflicts with the demo. If you have a hacked unit with a PS/2 keyboard port, this is not required, and you can load the demo directly. The internal ROM filesystem is device 1, so you can load the directory from it with LOAD"$" and list it like normal. To change pages in the demo, hold A and press up (you may also try pressing D, from playing around with those four buttons in BASIC I feel that D may be equivalent to pressing space, although I haven't tested this in the actual demo).
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