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The Amiga has a palette of 4096 colours. That is (i think) the absolute maximum you can get on the screen simultaneously.

Although the screen mode of six bitplanes (64 colours) is the maximum... you can of course change colour palette every scan line (or more?) so to get the full 4096 colours per frame.

OK so you may not be able to get ANY of the 4096 colours on ANY arbitary pixel but 64 different colours per line is a definate. And with 200+ lines per frame means you'll be able to have 4096 colours per frame easily.

If any ECS/OCS trick says it has more than 4096 colours I would be dubious.

The extra colours in lionheart definately come at some CPU penalty. They definately change the palette over a scan line.

The reason that the PC-Engine can have more colours is simply because it's hardware designers decided it could.

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