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When I first started bidding on things on eBay, I did get my bids sniped a few times, even when I placed what at the time was the high bid with only a minute or so left to go. If I bid early and had told myself I'd be willing to pay 25, I'd often find that someone else would bid 25.25, in which case I'd have to struggle with whether or not I really wouldn't pay 25.50 for the item after all. Now if it is something I really want, I'll watch the bidding as the end of the auction approaches to see if the last minute bids drive the price too high. If they don't, then I'll put in my 25.01 bid with as little time left as possible. I don't always win, but I seem to do better than if I bid early, and I don't find myself getting sniped so often anymore.
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