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shit!! ive been using both the sids in the port on the top of the card my manual must be cocked up..ill try it tomorrow (cant be arsed now) as for it coming out of the left channel in mono mode hope that will be fixed by only going by my mates quatro midi SID card and the piggyback SID method on a real 64 sound like...basicly it takes it from a 2 channel mono to a 4 channel stereo (imagine what mods sound like on headphones from an amiga and you get the idea )as for the shit non 64 sound sounds like its something to do with the mem access.....i remember the old playsid prog on the amiga improved massivly when they upgraded the mem emulating part of the prog.....anyway im going to give this card a month or two then its on ebay...ive got my eye on an old breadbox c64 in a local game shop for 20 quid..thinking about using that as a music replayer thru a x1541 cable....but its a lot of messing round and cable building tho praying jens gets back to me and tells me ive got a fucked card
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