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According to the manual (sort of) the SID only works in the slot alongside the metal plate on the back in this version of the drivers. I got my (one and only ) working SID to work sort of OK in there.

The non working SID sounded really really quiet, and there was a hell of a lot of CPU noise (mouse movements, scrolling etc exactly like you say) because I had the volume cranked full to hear the SID. The working one is better because it's louder, but there's still the 'CPU' noise quite clearly audiable. Not what I expect when the site says it has special features to prevent noise coming in on the 12v rail!

Neither SID worked at all in the upper port. The manual to my interpretation describes that one port doesn't work yet, but it's the wrong way around.

However, with working SID in the correct slot and drivers installed etc, it still sounded grottier than my real C64 through the RF connection. Manky sound and channels drowning out each other at times - all a bit weird. So the SID went back into the REAL c64, until such time as a suitable donor comes along . I am a bit worried that drivers as such aren't going to be able to sort that problem tho - Basically NOT soundling like a 64 at all IMHO.

However it sounds like your SIDs both sounded like my broken one which is a bit worrying! I've confimed mine is broken by trying it in a real C64 that I know works.

Also AFAIK you only get the sound out of the left side at the moment because the 2nd slot doesn't yet work, and it would come out of the right?

With all this, the disk drive problems, the unreliability of the disk image software and the fact that it only supports basically 2 foriegn disk formats (Amiga and C64) I'm not best pleased with it...... I expected much better considering the blurb and the fact that it's revision 4!!

I will cross fingers and wait for better drivers!
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