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Originally Posted by tin
@ MarlboroMan BTW I see you have a Qdrive. I'd get rid and put a CDrom on the IDE, and get yourself a network card for the PCMCIA - laaaaaaahhhvvvvvllllyyyyy!!!!!!

Yeah i bought Q-Drive long before i build the AT power supply (which i build yesterday). I even got a metal-case to put a standard ide cdrom into.

Today i tried to plug a cdrom (Asus CDRW 52x24x52x). It worked flawless but it made alot of noise. I tested out the transfer rate with SysInfo and it showed up something like 1,8 MB/sec. Ok, its 3 times faster than my Q-Drive, but the Q-Drive makes not that much noise. (In fact its really a slient thing).

Hmm a network card you say.... to transfer files between pc and amiga.... but as the amiga games and tools arent that big i could burn thousands of lha or lzx archives to a cd and put it into the Q-Drive, and i really dont want to use the amiga for internet.

But thanks for the ideas and infos to all. What i have to do is to find a solution for the power switch. Its really not that good to have 220V in your hands everytime you turn on your amiga

PS Ofcourse you all were right saying that i have to remove the cow spots. It looks muuuuuuuchhhhhh nicer now.
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