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OK, heres the current situation:-

Jens seems surprised by the number of reboots and hours. I'll put some of that down to e.g. not knowing where to put the SID, Changing the disk drive config, PC having problems with PCI devices moved around, changing where the audio plugs in etc. etc. and being careful and powering off every time even if it's just to move a cable.

The SID I tried is fucked I tried it in a working c64 and it became a non working c64. Putting a non-fucked SID in is much better but it still doesn't sound anywhere near like a real c64, which is odd, so it's back out until I get another c64 to bastardise (can't live without a real c64!!!) ACID64 seems a bit weird as well, with an option called filter that just seems to turn off SID channel 3? - also it only comes out of the left speaker, presuming because the manual says you need 2 sids for stereo and the CW doesn't support yet.

Oh yeah and if you remove anything from the CW (SID or Drive) without removing the driver first XP hangs with at STOP on boot! great!

The drives are supposed to not appear in windows - which to me makes it odd to need 10x devices in device manager, but still.... Basically it appears all you can do is read or write disk images to disks. Not exactly all I hoped it would do. Also it seems to write disks OK now with one of my 5 1/4" drives, but refuses to read any disk that it's written - any disk my c64 has written reads OK (more weird!)..

there you go. I hope things improve with drivers, but I am a bit puzzled why the drivers aren't stronger seeing as it's version 4......

oh yeah and i've lost my action replay which is making it a bastard to load things in on the real c64
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