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No, we don't have mayhem, but as far as platformers go, we got Treasure of Usas, Pyscho World, Thexder 2... bah, this won't lead anywhere

I think technically speaking, the MSX is capable of doing much better gfx than the C64. The C64, in the other side, can do proper scroll with easiness, while only the MSX2+ can do it (and there's just 1 or 2 MSX2+ games). The sound is more a personal thing, I believe the MSX has better sound, but the musician in the C64 are better (as I prefer European musicians to Japanese ones)

With exception of Konami, of coruse, as all their music is top-notch

But nothing of this is important, both system has great games, so that's what makes them great...

All games I played from Apex to the C64 are great stuff, what happened to them ?
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