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Originally Posted by MarlboroMan
Recently i bought a new bigger HDD for my miggy. Sadly i couldnt use it cause the amigas 23 W power supply wasnt strong enough to fire up one internal 2,5 HDD and the external 3,5 HDD. But as i failed to get a proper tower-case for my beloved miggy (or better: i wont pay that prices at ebay) i thought about other desktop solutions.

After a quick search i found out that it is possible to convert a PC-AT power supply for use with the miggy, so i could even use 3 hdds.

Now after i assembled it and plugged everything im not content with the way it looks now.

So what do you think? Should i go for a tower case or would you say ´leave it this way´?
Go for a tower case, because that Amiga 1200 looks like crap the way it is.
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