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Sound completly lagged, slow as for the ram, i have 256 at work and winxp only uses about 160 on average, so i have to spare... even if that runs out i have a fixed swapfile of 381mb that it RARELY uses (ive tracked it with Cacheman), the exceptions being when i start playing Unreal Tournament on-line... even then is a minimal amount, 30mb-40mb tops. Like i said, i have the pc optimized for raw speed, not multi-tasking, so i take care on whats running on background. Usually only AntiVir Personal Edition 6, wich is the most lightweight AV ive ever seen... plus i turn it off when using emulators (i also use SNES emus, i love final fantasy).

BTW, wich version of WinUAE are you using ? i dont remember seing that CPU/Chipset speed setting... im using the latest, 0.9.92...

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