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I'm afraid it is you who doesn't get it. The sound emulation is not completely unrelated to other aspects of the emulation. If you treat it as if it is, you'll never get the sound right. If I play a game written for PAL in NTSC mode, the music goes too fast, and if I do the opposite, it goes too slow. If I set up any aspect of my config in a manner sufficient to send CPU usage over 100%, my sound can easily become badly distorted and sound nothing like it is supposed to. I can fiddle with anything else as much as I want, and I'll still never get the sound right unless I bring CPU usage back below 100%. If you try running in a windowed mode so that the CPU usage is displayed and you ever see it top 100%, well there you go Sherlock. It wouldn't surprise me one little bit if that wasn't happening on your system, but you haven't supplied any actual useful information such as that which could be used to diagnose your problem. Bitch and moan all you like, but if you supply no more useful information than "my sound sucks", nobody will give you any better answers than "buy a faster machine". If everybody else can get it to work right, then it isn't going to be considered "broken" until you can supply enough info to someone to support that assertion. Listing your hardware components, driver versions, etc. doesn't help much. What is Toni going to do with that, go buy all the same components and build a machine just like yours in the hope that he can duplicate your problem, narrow it down to a bug in his code (and not something you've done wrong) and then fix it? As near as I can tell, you're the only person who has posted in this thread that thinks this must be a WinUAE bug. The rest of us think it works fine if you have sufficiently powerful hardware and you set it up right. If you're right and your hardware is up to the task, that only leaves your configuration as a suspect then. Capiche?

Why don't you attach a copy of the WinUAE config file that you're running with to your next post, and give us something to base any suggestions on? If you try those and it still doesn't fix your problem, at least it eliminates some potential causes and gets you that much closer to the point where someone even might conclude that the problems might be bug related. Otherwise, complaining isn't going to get you anywhere.
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