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Originally Posted by Chuckles
If I'm so dumb, why is it that I don't seem to have any problem getting WinUAE to run like a dream on a low-spec machine? My guess would be that you've just skimmed over every suggestion that anyone has made here without actually trying anything different than what you've already done, since you're convinced that the problem lies with a poor WinUAE implementation, and nothing else.
He doesnt get it, does he ? my problem is SOUND, nothing else, as i said... everything else works 200% and you can see that in my prior posts IN A VERY LOW-END SYSTEM as everybody here stated. Ive done everything people told me to do so far and nothing works, capiche ? since ive been having this problem with every computer and configuration i had using WinUae, i would like to know what kind of code are these guys using. WinFellow in the same specs works like a dream, aside from some graphics glitches in SOME games like celtic legends. I would like to know what is the problem, if one can do it why can't the other ? Simple, no ? please tell me you understood that...

My 2nd comp was a amiga500, so i know the drill, and had my share of "guru meditations" before learning how to use it properly. My original question was if is it possible for a decompilation of the WinUae/WinFellow code to see what is the problem thus fixing them. I DO NOT GIVE A RATS ASS WHO MAKES THE EMULATORS, as long as they work. I dont mind making donations as long as the're worth my time

Look, im sorry if i overreacted, but ive been getting so many diferent causes for a very simple problem that this is really ticking me off... on top of that im sleeping lousy because of my 3 weeks old puppy, i have to feed her every other hour (even night time)...

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