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Originally Posted by Chuckles
Well, if you're the least bit interested in an accurate emulation of an Amiga then it shouldn't surprise you that the frame rate would be capped at 50 fps if you've selected the PAL chipset, or at 60 fps if you've selected NTSC. Those frame rates are what the Amiga was capable of in those video modes. If you're upset that you're not getting 70 - 75 fps, then you're not interested in an accurate emulation at all, but that's hardly an indication that WinUAE is poorly implemented. It just isn't trying to exceed the capabilities of the machines it emulates. Maybe the problem has nothing to do with whether or not you know what your machine can do, but has more to do with whether or not you know what an Amiga can do.
PLEASE READ THE POSTS BEFORE MAKING DUMB COMMENTS i capped it at 50 on purpose and allready tryied it on maximum 99fps it gave 70fps/75fps max on my work pc i think its a good speed for a PII450Mhz

MEANING : i allready benchmarked it and found that it simply wasnt worth it to max the draw speed.
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