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i installed it once just for a laugh in a old compaq i had :

AMD-K6 200Mhz
32mb ram pc100
6gb HD UDMA33
S3Trio64 v2+ 2mb pci
MatroxM3D PowerVR 4mb pci
Ess Audiodrive pci

As you see this was really bare minimum and i was amazed that i could run Unreal at 640*480 24bit max quality at a leisurely 35fps average... Thank God for the M3D (i used PowerVR generic drivers, since the Matrox ones were crap)...

I allready put celtic legends to work in WinUae as i stated before, but space crusade just stops after the laguage selection screen. Im a strategy fanatic, so i love games like Deuteros, Millennium, etc... Space Crusade is a favorite of mine because of all the warhammer stuff that comes behind it, all the books and board-games. Celtic Legends is a VERY adictive game for me, as was Battle Isle...

is there any way i could post pics here ? i could show you my WinUae specs...
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