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Originally Posted by FallenSeraphin
Is this real ? in WinFellow sound runs smooth as silk but has graphics issues, and in WinUae graphics are perfect but has EXTREME sound problems, could never get the thing to work properly, no matter what the configuration why dont the 2 teams get together and share the code to get some program that actually does the job properly ?????? is the competition that alive ? the only program that actually worked +- fine was WinFellow's dos port and i cant even find it on the net now
I used to have those extreme sound problems with my old computer, believe me it'll be as good as perfect if you just upgrade. In fact the lowest-end machine you can get now will be able to run winuae well. Why would the teams target any lesser hardware? WinFellow wasn't developed for a very long time, luckily this changed but UAE and Fellow were always different projects and WinUAE is many times better worked on (if not many times "better") than WinFellow so I don't think a competition exists as of today.

You have options though. Winuae version 0.8.8r8 will work well with your machine as well as dosfellow.
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