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Originally Posted by FallenSeraphin
I get 50fps with a500 perfect emulation (slowest) and 100% acurate stereo sound with no filter (as i found it crashes with some games) v1.3 kickrom / v3.1 kickrom depending on game, 800x600 32bit 85hz
i think thats proof enough that my machine can take the speed issues... its always at 50fps max because i cap it at 50, or it would be even faster... besides, if WinFellow works normally (except for some graphics issues on very few games) how come this crashes ? maybe ill take Big-Byte advice and try a older version... anyone knows where to get the oldies ? i got all the games from different sources, but maybe some are corrupt (wich i doubt) since i cannot play celtic legends on winfellow because of graphics corruption and on winuae because of sound... its fragging annoying
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