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Originally Posted by keropi
now with the piccoloSD64 the display in many games just stays black, nothing loads, and just waits for the quit key to be pressed... I don't blame excellent whdload, perhaps the p96 driver for ps64 is buggy...
See if you can locate the "KEEPAMIGAVIDEO" (or something similar) option in CyberGFX - this might be in the tooltype of the monitor driver. Try setting it to "FALSE" and see if you get the same problem with CGX as you did with P96 - I think this might be the issue (to save chipmem, RTG packages can switch off the native display; this is great until you try and use a native app that doesn't switch it back on again and just hangs).

If it does recreate the problem, you could try switching back to P96, finding the equivalent option, and making sure that the native display is permanently on.
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