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Originally Posted by Andrew
As a proud owner of a standard Amiga 600 in pefect condition with an intact warranty seal I keep hearing about peoples amigas failing (power supplies, disk drives etc) has anyone got any tips on looking after your Amiga?
If you buy a high quality Amiga to begin with, it should last you for at least 20 to 30 years of good use. The lower quality Amiga computers will not last as long. Also keep this in mind, "Thru-Hole" motherboards last much longer and are higher quality then "SMT" motherboards. If you want to keep and actually use your real Amiga computer for the next 30+ years, my advice to you, is to stock up on spare parts. That's what I did. I have a whole huge closet full of spare parts, drives, keyboards, mice, chips, etc. for my Amiga computers. I also have at least 2 of each Amiga model, one to use and one stored away as a backup.

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