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Never, have I seen silicon rust. Steel and iron, yes - but never silicon. Electrolytic capacitors do need regular charging to re-fprm the insulating layer between the plates yes, but silicon is extremely stable especially when the silicon part (the wafer or chip) is hermetically sealed inside a cast resin block.

Besides wear and tear, the major destructive force for anything electronic is static electricity. So if you don't "zap" your Miggy, she'll probably work properly for years.

Maybe now is a good time to buy up Amigas on Ebay so that you can be sure of a good source of spare parts. Call me a sad bastard if you like, but I've got at least 25 Sinclair ZX Spectrums here in various states of repair - just for spare parts etc. I know for certain that, should I live another 50 years, I will still have a working Spectrum - so long as we don't have a nuclear war of course......
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