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Bringing this up again since i was curious about how to maintainance my Amiga/C64. Will it die eventually???

Do you think it would be impossible to restore Amiga's f.ex 50 years from now on, when every known chip is dead? Is it unthinkable that some persons have found theirself a niche in the marked, and produced spareparts for both Amiga/C64 (for our sons and daughters with a very special hobby? ).

Since i'am not a technichian i don't know how difficult producing these stuff would be. I guess it was hard in 1985, but maybe very easy in 2035...

Even today you find a lof of persons finding interest in collection old useless stuff. I think it will be prestige to own a real functional 1980-computer 50 years from now, and therefore some smart people start producing processors and chips for both the Spectrum, amiga, c64 etc.etc...and sell them for good prices to the entusiasts...

Am I way to optimistic here?

(don't say yes, i am thinking of expanding my hardware collection and would like to see it has a purpose in the future...)
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