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Originally Posted by Sune Salminen
I've copied the game to a WB 1.3 disk. On the disk you uploaded, there is a small 1kb file that doesn't have a name (just spaces) that has a read error so it can't be copied using AmigaDOS (or ADF Opus, or Cloanto Amiga Explorer). I can't rename it either. Anyway, the game crashes on the WB1.3 disk at the same place as before, even without this file present.

Maybe the reason the game crashes at all, is because this file is corrupt.
Do you have a different dump of this game?
If it's what I think it is, the file in question is not corrupted but part of a form of copy protection that was used quite a bit with earlier releases. Without it you won't be able to run the game if you simply copy all the files to another disk. Simply renaming the file won't work and trying to copy it will result in a read error (because the file is on a long track that even defeats the best of nibblers/warpers).

The game is probably hardcoded for KS 1.1, so the error message is probably bogus. KS 1.0 was a little buggy, which was why it wasn't long before 1.1 became available. IIRC from reading the early Amiga World mags, I think in the U.S. that C= offered 1.1 at a discount price through dealers or directly to those who had already bought the A1000 up to that point (maybe someone like Chuckles could confirm). Nevertheless, I doubt game companies worried excessively about buyers who couldn't play their games because of an incompatible KS, as all they needed to do is point the buyer to C= (or, as the case may have been, pointed the finger at C= !)
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