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Originally Posted by Picard99
I would like to get adf games from pc to my amiga disks.I'm using ADF Sender Terminal and null modem cable.Anybody know how can i transfer them directly to empty amiga disk that i have in amigas df0 ? I have done this before, but i dont remember the command line any more.It was something like this: transdisk Ser: df0: -s 0 -e 79 .
All you have to do is burn the adf files on your PC to a CD-R. Then place that CD-R into your Amiga's CD Rom drive. You do have a CD Rom drive hooked up to your Amiga, don't you? And everyone nowadays has at least a CD-RW drive in their PC. Why do things the hard way, when burning the ADF files to a CD-R is much easier.
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