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Originally Posted by andreas
OK, lemme try to overtop this one even!
It could be that (thanks to a discussion starting from usenet) I found another game that only works on KS 1.1!

Try it yourself! ( => zone)
With either 1.2 or 1.3, you can merely do one move, then the game will freeze up!
Has also been tested on the real thing.

1.1 (PAL) works!
But why?
Also crashes for me on my 1.3 A500. Since its workbench based, maybe you could get it to work by replacing some libraries and system files. Or simply copying the game to a WB 1.3 disk. *edit* I'm trying that now.

I've copied the game to a WB 1.3 disk. On the disk you uploaded, there is a small 1kb file that doesn't have a name (just spaces) that has a read error so it can't be copied using AmigaDOS (or ADF Opus, or Cloanto Amiga Explorer). I can't rename it either. Anyway, the game crashes on the WB1.3 disk at the same place as before, even without this file present.

Maybe the reason the game crashes at all, is because this file is corrupt.
Do you have a different dump of this game?

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