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Yep, emulation gets better and better, and saves a lot of room and time to everybody who likes retrogaming! And of course you can first try some software, just to see how it goes, it always might be a crappy proggy! But nothing can be compared to the real thing! Have a look at C=64 demo "Deus ex Machina", which says: 'Emulators suck! Thanks for using a real C64'! I think that the guys are quitr right! I copied my downloaded D64s of the demo to real disks and loaded them to my C=64! Believe me, the feeling of this SUPERB demo was totally different then... Just try it out yourself! Back to the subject of our thread, now! Except of me, there are two more friends I personally know, here in Gree, that use a real Amiga for their everyday purposes, but also run Windoze boxes! I may be the only one who still resists but run PCTask for showing it to my PC-Sick friends There are some 5-6 more friends, who still own their old Amigas, and use them from time to time for retrogaming purposes.
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