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Originally Posted by fisken uno
stfu. you know you don't

I'd be happy if I could find a single ftp with ACCURATELY ripped CD32s. I recently had a look at the isos I've downloaded through the years, discovering that every other one of them were ripped badly i.e. clicks and skips in the audio tracks or messed up cue sheets. I can understand that the original CDs might have become scratched through years of use (and abuse ) but if people would take some time to either set the ripping speed down with imaging proggy of choice or simply just use EAC (God's gift to man) to rip the audio tracks accurately - then perhaps we'd have a lot of GOOD rips floating around instead of these half-shitty versions.

I guess you can tell I'm the picky guy who checks and compares CRC when ripping my albums, but hey accuracy means a lot to me. Is there ANYone else out there feeling this way?
Yup, I'm your brotha in this matter

Only using Clone Cd for rips here, soon my rips will erase the crap rips from the face of the earth, lol
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