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About some suggestions miller5369:

1. Alien Breed 3D CD32
2. Alien Breed 3D 2

AFAIK, Alien Breed 3D n whdload needs 4 MB RAM, as you can see in the TEAM 17 ANTHOLOGY. CD32 also, has no power to run AB3D 2

5. Doom
6. Doom 2

You must have a powerful amiga (68030 at least) to play this game. Remember the CD32 has a 680E20 14,5 Mhz and 2 MB RAM

12. Pinball Dreams

It requires keyboard as some games you have suggested... and remember that the CD-444 and CD-888 are games that they only require a plain CD32 and a PAD (OK, some games you must to reset, because they require a keyboard to type your name in the high-scores)

19. Super Skidmarks CD32

AFAIK, the Skidmarks 2 in the cd-444 it's the same game

Welcome to this forum, also I've seen your work in your web. Hope you are still interested in AMIGA. Also, I am a nearly new amiga user and I am focused in the CD32, as it is the only amiga I have

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