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Yay, I agree with Overdrive being underrated too. I spent many hours of my life with that game.

But I am a sucker for this kind of game. I love Super Cars II, All Terrain Race, Nitro , Roadkill, Micro Machines, Skidmarks...

I can understand all the rave about Elfmania back at time. The game was really impressive. But the gameplay indeed wasn't all that hot. Still it wasn't really a bad game.

Funny you mention Behind the Iron Gate as underrated, and put Alien Breed as overrated and complain about having to find the exit under a time limit (Yes, I hated that too), because Behind the Iron Gate suffers from exactly the same problem

But yes, it Behind the Iron Gate should be more known. It's an FPS with FREE 360o movement that runs in a VANILLA A600 and has NO pixellated graphics. What other Amiga game can claim that?
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