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Hmm, interesting.

I never saw many good reviews of Leander, so, in my opinion, I think it is one of the Amiga's most underrated games. I mean, the game contains some of the most gorgeous graphics, smooth animation, and poignant and evocative soundtracks ever, and while the gameplay brings nothing new to the table, it still is very fun to play.

Sidewinder - a not so well known shmup that is really fun to play, and has gorgeous graphics.

Behind the Iron Gate - a basic Amiga FPS that proved the Amiga could hack this type of genre, doing it better then Death Mask.

Overdrive - I never saw any reviews of this game...but noone seems to mention it. One of the most fun top-down racers I have played, in my opinion.

Psyborg - someone on the EAB recommended this, and to this day I really love this game. It's a futuristic racer, but one like you have never seen before.

Space Crusade - based on the boardgame, it has the perfect blend of strategy (which is challenging but not too taxing) and action (especially those really cool 3d death scenes). Heaps of levels and an expansion pack. Probably needed more attainable ranks though. But still very fun for the casual war tactician.

Alien Bash 2 - a little known top down shooter which, despite being obviously influenced by The Chaos Engine, is still a hoot to play. Nice graphics and sounds, too.

This may be controversial, but Turrican II. I waited so long to play the game, and when I finally did, I found a game that was very similar to the first Turrican, which was a let down. I also felt the first Turrican "did things" much better then Turrican II. I expected more.

Elfmania - a poor excuse for a tournament beat em up. Stiff animations and boring and crappy fighters. Even the female elf in the tight clothing doesn't save it. I couldn't believe reviewers at the time were comparing it to Street Fighter II.

Alien Breed - I just found this game boring and repetitive, and finding the exit at the end of a level under a time limit was a pain. I felt that Paradroid 90 was much, much better. As is Alien Bash II and The Chaos Engine.

Xenon II - As much as I like the Bitmaps, the game is boring, it sucks that the Super Nashwan powerup only lasts for 10 seconds, and the much lauded soundtrack gets tedious after a minute or so.

Originally Posted by Dastardly

Pirates - Never really 'got' the big deal to be honest. Maybe I missed something
Tell that to Jungle Ninja, Dast.

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