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Hmm.. lemme think

I agree with Ruff 'n' Tumble being underrated. This game really is amazingly good.

Other underrated games:

D/Generation - Great stuff. It doesn't look too hot, but it plays superbly
Benefactor - Great little action/puzzle game that never got the praise it deserves
Apidya - The best shmup on Amiga.
Arabian Nights - This is, together with Ruff 'n' Tumble, my fav platform game on Amiga. It got good reviews, but I rarely ever seen anyone talking about it.
Burning Rubber - Not exactly the best racing game ever, but it's better than most people usually say.
All Terrain Race - the BEST game ever in this genre, if you are interested in single player racing.

There are so many others... Panza Kick Boxing, Jumping Jackson, Deep Core, Wiz 'n' Liz, European Champions, Uridium 2, Fury of the Furries, Power Drome, K240 .....

Overrated games:

Project X - I'll never say this game sucks, but it's hardly a good game either. It doesn't deserve the praise that it got, and Apidya, which was released among the same time, is dozens times better than this.
Xenom 2 - Now this one IS bad. It's worse than Project X . The 1st one was better, I could never understand why this game is so much loved... the worst game from the Bitmap Brothers.
Power Monge - Maybe I am missing something, but I always found this game to be really boring...
Zool - Sonic beater? I doubt. The sequel is pretty good though
The Great Giana Sisters - I can't really understand how so many people rate this as the best platform game on Amiga. It's a MARIO clone, and it's a BAD clone of the WORST Super Mario game (Which ok, it's not bad, it's rather good actually ) it's not original, neither fantastic at any field. It's not a bad game, I'd even call it above average stuff... but it's not as good as the game it copies, and it's hardly among the top 10 platform games on Amiga.
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