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Oh yeah, I forgot about Agony and Unreal - very overrated! I disagree about Shadow of the Beast. Gameplay isn't that great and it is very hyped, but for music and graphics it was awesome for its time. When I saw it in '89, I almost fell on the floor. (and bought my Amiga because of it)

I have no personal issues with Team 17. I like their F17 Challenge (as an updated Pole Position clone) and their logo, but that's about it. Overall, their graphics have a style I consider boring.

I'll check some of those games. I haven't heard of four of them.

If Ruff'N'Tumble actually was popular, then I'd add:


I just found this 2 days ago, so it must have been underrated. Drive cars, trucks, tanks, boats, helicopters, bicycles, wind surfers as you explore 3D world - AND get eaten by sharks. Great fun.
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